Homestead Creamery is a small, locally-owned dairy processing plant nestled among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Burnt Chimney, Virginia. With dreams of preserving the family farm for future generations and marketing product directly to consumers, two local dairy farmers combined efforts. In cooperation with a few local businessmen and their joint endeavors, these dreams became a reality. Homestead Creamery opened its doors for business in January 2001.

Our goal at Homestead Creamery is to bring dairy products of the highest quality to your table, so we do everything possible to ensure this. The milk we process comes from our two local family farms. The farms are in their third and fourth generations of family ownership and have grown over the years to the current herd size of approximately 100 cows each.

We believe that quality begins with cleanliness, so we strive to keep our dairy operations neat and orderly. We place special emphasis on cow comfort, providing clean, dry bedding, a constant supply of fresh feed and water and fans and sprinklers to help relieve summer heat stress. Our cows’ have access to pasture for exercise, grazing and resting. We grow most of the cows’ feed on our farms. The main crops grown for feed are corn, wheat and alfalfa. Our cows are not injected with milk production hormones. By keeping these standards, we are able to assure you of high quality dairy products that are nutritious and great tasting too.

After milking the cows, the mik is delivered directly to the plan, and usually processed within a day. At the processing plant as well, we strive to keep our operation clean, neat and orderly. Like most milks today, our milk is pasteurized which kills any harmful bacteria that may exist. Unlike most milks today, our milk is minimally pasteurized, which maintains the freshest flavor. The milk is then bottled in returnable glass bottles or made into one of the other delicious products.